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SSW Highlight

Southwest Region

Jamie Bright, LMSW

1. Earned MSW (College & Year): 

University of Kansas-2020 COVID year :(  

2. Most Memorable Moment as SSW :  One of my favorite things about working with K-12 students is that you know everyone. Sometimes I feel like a celebrity when kids see me around town because almost all of them will holler "hi Mrs. Bright" or come up and give me a hug. It lets me know that I am building those relationships and I must be doing something right. 

3.Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family, playing games, reading, and watching Green Bay Packers or KU. 

4. Book with the most impact on you:  I recently read Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate and it was so heartbreaking that it has really stuck with me. I think the hardest part is knowing a social worker was responsible for destroying so many lives. It's a good reminder to be mindful of the choices we make as social workers because sometimes they can have a lasting effect on students and families. 

5. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?  Probably learn to speak another language. Spanish would be really helpful but I would also love to learn sign language. 

6. Favorite - song, movie, place to travel: I love music and could never pick a favorite song. I have too many favorite movies also but my favorite movie for this time of year is Love Actually or How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carey version). I love to travel and my favorite place I have been to is Disney World at Christmas time. I just love Christmas and it was so magical. 

7. What do you wish others knew about your job? That it's not just an 8-4 job and that a lot of extra hours go in after school and even on breaks. I am in a very rural area and the only social worker for K-12 so some days can feel very lonely. Some days it can be very challenging. It breaks my heart to see students who I know have so much potential make decisions that are so harmful. That you will care about all the students and even through the challenges and heartbreak it is a very rewarding career. 

2023 Kansas

School Social Worker

of the Year

Abby Cole, LMSW 

KSSWA 2024 Social Worker of the Year Nomination Form

2023 Champion for Children

Jon Bishop, M.Ed.

From the President:

Welcome to #teamKSSWA!

Our association, Kansas School Social Work Association (KSSWA), is growing in membership and becoming more and more of an advocate for the school social work profession. We invite you to join our team! You can become a member (student, regular, associate, or retired) and come alongside the other fabulous school social workers that make up KSSWA.

KSSWA is the state association that supports Kansas school social workers by advocating at the local, state and national levels for their needs. Our Mental Health Awareness Day in Topeka that is a joint effort with school psychologists and school counselors is one example. You have the opportunity to meet with your Senator and Representatives and assist them in understanding YOUR profession and YOUR needs.

Whether you are a seasoned school social worker or just beginning your journey, your voice, ideas and energy is needed. The networking and professional development that is a part of KSSWA is so beneficial. KSSWA offered 18 FREE CEU's this year!!

We are looking for Regional Representatives for our SE and NE regions. Please contact me at 16cheri831@gmail.com if you would like more information. Our board is passionate, dedicated and FUN. We are excited about this year and the impact KSSWA is going to have for our profession and the children, youth and families we serve.

I am beyond honored to represent you as the President of KSSWA.


Cheri Koochel, LMSW

KSSWA President

Upcoming Events

School Mental Health Advocacy Day 2024

Job Opportunities

KSSWA Mission: KSSWA is a professional organization dedicated to promoting school social workers  through advocacy, professional development and communication within the profession. 

2024 Focus

Continue advocacy efforts through increased social media presence - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, KSSWA website.

Strengthen relationships with KSDE, SSWAA, Midwest Council and KSSWA University Liaisons.

Continue to provide relevant professional development through book studies and our Fall and Spring conferences. 

Develop emerging leaders through increased participation on KSSWA and SSWWA committees.

Develop communication with members on a regional basis through the Regional Representatives.  Provide  opportunities to network by email, regional social events.

Continue to increase total membership.Retention of members by monthly member spotlights, engaging members in virtual contests.


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